Cell phone dating is a new dating service that allows singles to found their possible dream love through the use of their cell phones. It is very easy to join these sites; you will only need your cell phone set up on a free software program, then you can use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to find a potential date. Once you have a profile, the next thing you do is to contact other members that you may feel a connection with. You will send an instant message which allows them to check if they are interested in you. Then, you decide if you want to go out on a date with the person that you met through your cell phone dating service.

Why does cell phone dating work?

Cell phone dating allows members of the service to communicate through their cell phones at any time, so long as they are signed up for the site. There is no time restrictions when using this type of service, since you can reach other singles on your cell phone at any time that you have access to the internet. In addition, you do not have the normal problems with online dating because you can actually see the person that you are chatting with face-to-face. Some examples of this are playing games, sending secret messages, and doing anything else you can think of that you would want to do on a date with a relative stranger.

How is the cell phone dating service different from online dating?

The cell phone dating service is different in that you are communicating with other singles in real-time, instead of emailing or chatting through the online dating service. Because you are communicating with other singles online, then you get to view their profiles, but you will not be able to contact them unless you signed up for the website. Because the service is real-time, it allows the dating service to match you with other singles in your area that have the same interests as you, so you will eliminate the chances of not finding anyone that meets your criteria. Or you can chat online but meet in person. One example is the site http://sugardaddy.de/ where you can choose with who to chat or date in real time.

Are all the singles in the service online?

While some online dating services claim that you can find anyone from your hometown, this is not true. Because the service is online, the singles are all located in one place, therefore narrowing your choices to within a certain distance from your location. There might be closeness boundaries, and this is why some singles are hesitant to try the cell phone dating service.

How is the cell phone dating service more appealing than online dating?

The cell phone dating allows singles to communicate with other singles in a fun and adventurous way. Meeting people around your cell phone can allow you to see if someone’s personality is compatible with your own. It is more like an adventure than other types of dating experiences. Some singles experience narrow challenges with online dating, because they do not get the chance to communicate with the other singles in person. Additionally, you do not have the distractions that come with online dating, so all the work can be put on your shoulders.

How is the cell phone dating service tailored to singles?

Singles who sign up for the service get to participate in fun and adventurous activities that range from simple one-time interactions to scheduled events. The goal of the service is to have everyone meet more than one prospective match. Of course, all the activity must have an element of fun and adventure. The service has rules that all members must abide by, and these members always receive a matchmaking guarantee.

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