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The top internet dating sites are the who’s who of where singles are going online. We will showcase the Top 5 in this post and in future editions, drill down into some of the other big dating sites and smaller “niche” sites that are out there.

Note: The results shown here are US related and do not take into account other large online dating markets like the UK (in which PlentyofFish rules the land), Germany, or France, etc. Included in each review will be a general write-up of the site including the following:

Lets get started. The Top Internet Dating Sites thus far for 2020 are as follows:

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WHY DO WE LOVE MATCH.COM? They tout themselves as the worlds leading Onling Dating and Personals Ads service, and we agree. Why do we love Huge set of features and great usability for starters. Or how about their more than 15 million registered users. shows Match’s overall site visitors rising at the moment in the 6-10 million visitor range… Our research showed that almost a quarter of a million people met someone special at last year. What else caught our attention? how about this: The “Make Love Happen” Gurantee. If you purchase a 6 month membership at and you don’t meet anyone special, will add an additional 6 months to your membership at no additional costs!

WHAT THEY SAY: Since its inception in 1995, has pioneered this hi-tech way of meeting people, attracting singles across the country of all ages and income levels. For do-it-yourself dating, you won’t find a better site. have introduced a new Total Attraction Matching™ system, which incorporates a powerful personality-profiling tool and the first and only physical attraction test. This combination of personality and physical attraction will help members see other member’s profiles beyond just a basic profile and digital pictures. The two newly added dimensions helps in determining mutual compatibility and attraction level with a potential mate.

MEMBERSHIP INFO and COSTS: has a subscription rate of $24.95 a month This is consistent with most other popular online dating services. Also, once you  subscribe, you have unlimited means to connect with their millions of singles.

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WHY DO WE LOVE eHARMONY? The site is easy on the eyes, and very easy to use. Or how about their more than 19 million registered users. Or the average of 200 people a day get married as a result of eHarmony. shows eHarmoney’s overall site visitors actually declining atm, although their monthly traffic is still in the 3-5 million range…

WHAT THEY SAY: “In 2000, backed by over 35 years of clinical and empirical research, Dr. Neil Clarke Warren transformed the way singles are introduced online when he launched eHarmony – the first relationship service on the Web to use a scientific approach to match highly compatible singles.” eHarmony’s patented Compatibility Matching System narrows the field down from millions to a highly select group of singles with whom you share deep levels of compatibility, such as character, intellect, sense of humor, spirituality, values, beliefs, passion, and other key dimensions. There is no searching through endless profiles because eHarmony brings the compatible matches to you! Experts in the fields of psychology and human relationships are on staff. Comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire with 29 Dimensions of Compatibility scientifically proven to predict happier, healthier long-term relationships.

CONS: There are only a few with eHarmony, because for such a large site its very well run. Their unique approach takes a bit of getting used to. Also some “Christian” focused daters have quipped about the lack of an all-Christian based site which eHarmony had originally billed itself as.

MEMBERSHIP INFO and COSTS: At you dont simpley register for the service, upload your photo and then search other members for a match. What happens instead is eHarmony does all of the matching for you. This is done using their own compatibility system, its based on scientific studies about love, relationships and compatibility. eHarmony’s membership fees run among the highest of all the major dating sites we’ve reviewed. But, if the site works, which for aloooot of people it does, then its worth it (hey we didnt put them at #2 for nothing!) eHarmony Membership costs go like this: One month is $59.95 USD. At the 3, 6 and 12 month marks the prices lower dramatically. The least expensive plan requires a year-long sign up at a cost of $251.40 USD, or $20.95 USD a month (this is payable in one lump sum).

BONUS SIGN-UP TIP: Sign up to eHarmoney, and then wait a while, you’ll eventually get an email with a discount coupon! Note: this tactic is not for the impatient!

WHY DO WE LOVE CHEMISTRY? is a sister site of our #1 rated Online Dating Site, so of course its going to be good! The difference between the two sites, is is designed especially for people who are seeking meaningful, long-term relationships. And to go after cyber-matchmaking niche where eHarmony the leader. Why do we love The site offers guided communication online (perfect for newbies), and also tools for meeting offline. shows Chemistry’s overall site visitors rising at the moment in the 1-1.25 million visitor range… offers nice three ways to communicate with other members:

MEMBERSHIP INFO and COSTS: 3 Subscriptions available as of this posting (check Chemistry for most current pricing) 1 Month at $49.95 per month. 3 Months at $33.32 per month. 6 Months at $26.65 per month. Save 47% with this plan. Accepts most major credit cards. Can cancel subscription or turn off renewals at anytime.

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